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Our proprietary online polling methodology has generated accurate data in over 800 polls surveying over 1.4 million Americans. 
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All candidates, from down-ballot races like school board and city council to Congressional and Senate races, need to understand their voters. Change Research polls help campaigns discover which issues are most important to voters in their district, assess feelings toward candidates, and determine where to focus resources to win the election. 


Campaigns and causes (including foundations, non-profits, and advocacy organizations) all need to test messages to understand how to make policies resonate with voters. Change Research polls present the opportunity to test multiple messages and assess which elicits the strongest support (or opposition!) from respondents. 


Polling data can spark a conversation and garner helpful publicity for campaigns and candidates - our polling data once generated nearly $1 million in donations within 72 hours! Change Research can synthesize and package polling results into media-friendly memos for our clients. 

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