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We've conducted over 800 polls and surveyed over 1.4 million Americans. 

Change Research is a leader in polling innovation, able to field polls quickly and accurately at a low price point. We recruit new participants online for each and every poll, so Change Research polls are not affected by the dwindling response rates of phone polling. We use proprietary and patent-pending approaches to recruit fresh participants, and we don't rely on online panels of habitual survey takers.

We collect survey responses by publishing targeted online solicitations via advertisements on websites and social media platforms. By finding a representative set of respondents via web and social media to take a poll, we are able to cast a net that is wider than phone polls. We reach millennials and seniors, rural and urban dwellers, and members of every gender, race, creed, and political persuasion. 

Change Research was the only pollster to predict that Andrew Gillum would win the 2019 Florida gubernatorial primary; most other polling found him no higher than 3rd place. 
Change Research was the only pollster to predict that Lori Lightfoot would win the 2019 Chicago mayoral primary; the average of our two polls had her leading by 2 points, and she finished 1.5% ahead on Election Day.