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Innovative Online Methodology

Change Research is a leader in polling innovation, allowing us to field polls quickly and accurately at a low price point. We recruit fresh participants online for each and every poll, meaning we aren't affected by the dwindling response rates of landline polling. We use proprietary, patent-pending approaches to recruit participants, and we don't use online panels of habitual survey takers.

Unprecedented Polling Speed

Our unique online method allows us to locate respondents rapidly via geo-location and quickly deliver results. We commonly field statewide polls of 1,000 people in a day or two, and state legislative polls in a few days.

Impressive Accuracy

We have made a habit of producing surprising and accurate poll results, including the Florida Democratic gubernatorial primary (we were the only pollster to show Andrew Gillum leading), the Chicago mayoral primary (we produced the only polls showing Lori Lightfoot ahead), and a more accurate record in 2018 common polls than The New York Times.

Accessible Polling

By combining online polling and data science analysis, we're making polling far more affordable. Most Change Research polls cost less than $10,000 - a far cry from the $40,000 you might pay a traditional polling firm. We're making accurate data accessible for the first time to new candidates up and down the ballot, labor unions, ballot initiative campaigns, and other budget-constrained organizations.

2020 Change

Our 2020 Change polling series is building an unprecedented data set tracking the race toward the Democratic nomination. 2020 Change polls are available for purchase, providing an off-the-shelf data supplement to our custom polling services. 

Past Clients Include...

Ned Lamont

Governor of CT

Lauren Underwood

U.S. Rep, IL-14

Andrew Gillum

Candidate for Governor of FL

Katie Muth

PA State Senator

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